2009 Cantaloupe Variety Trial — Great results of 16 varieties grown on plastic mulch with drip

2011 Central Texas Tomato Trial — Excellent tomato trial from Taylor Texas

2011 Custom Rate Statistics — Use this to know what the charge is for plowing, baling, etc.

2011 Southeast Vegetable Crop Handbook — Excellent information even if from southeast.

Bt and Roundup Ready Sweet Corn — The article was in American Vegetable Grower magazine about a new sweet corn.

Florida Vegetable Production Handbook

Georgia Commercial Watermelon Production — Great publication is you want to know about watermelons

Grafting Watermelons — An easy way to give you a rootstock resistant to disease and grows well.

High Tunnel Production — Great job by Dr. Russ Wallace discussing high tunnel production

How To Build High Tunnel Greenhouses

Modifications to Increase Earliness in Vegetables

TAMU Vegetable Growers Handbook — You should look at this if only for the charts in the back.

Vegetable Show Planning Guide

Vegetable Variety List — Some but not all vegetable varieties to plant in Texas