Brown Patch versus Take-All Root Rot of Turfgrass — Good discussion of the differences between these two bad turf diseases

Lawn Maintenance Program — Simple!

Time To Get Those Lawns in Shape

Turfgrasses for Texas — Great discussion about Texas Turfgrasses especially related to the Williamson County area.

Turfgrass Selection — Dr. McAfee describes all the turfgrasses

Turfgrass Tolerance to Herbicides — A list of herbicides and whether bermuda, St. Augustine or Zoysia are tolerant to applications

Using Peatmoss for TARR — Take All Root Rot is a devastating disease of turf primarily, St Augustine. Dr. Coolbaugh has research to show that peat moss treatments work.

Weed Control Suggestions for Professional Turf Managers — Great pictures and lists of chemicals to use