Alion Herbicide Trial Results — In the fall of 2011 I conducted a herbicide trial for Bayer CropsSciences evaluating their new Alion herbicide for non-selective weed control in pecan orchards and this is the results

Assessing the Value of Pecan Trees — Great Noble Foundation Publication you need to have.

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Collecting and Storing Graftwood — Dr. McEachern discusses how to collect pecan budding and graftwood properly.

Controlling Pecan Weevil

Controlling the Pecan Nut Casebearer New.pdf — Great information for how to set up traps, monitor and then treat PNC

Control of PNC with Belt Insecticide

Dr. Tommy Thompson's List of Pecan Varieties — Dr. Thompson is a USDA Pecan Researcher and here is his list of favorite pecans.

Four Flap Pecan Grafting — Novel way to graft pecans that works!

Health Benefits of Pecans — Charles Rohla with the Noble Foundation discusses the Health Benefits of Pecans.

Hickory Spiral Borer Damage — This is a common problem in pecan limbs, in fact the reason many limbs fall from a tree. Not much of way to control them.

History and Importance of the State Pecan Show — Monte Nesbitt did a wonderful job telling us about the State Pecan Show history at the 2010 Texas Pecan Growers Meeting.

How Pecans are Priced — Pecans are priced based on edible meat not in-shell

Managing Insect and Mite Pests of Commercial Pecans — 2010 publication that has excellent information on pecan insects and chemical controls

Noble Foundation Article on Fertilizer Recommendations — Great article on the new pecan fertilizer recommendations for native and improved orchards

Pecan Crop Load Management — Oklahoma State publication on thinning pecans.

Pecan Fertility and Orchard Floor Management — Dr. Lenny Wells from the University of Georgia put this together

Pecan Fungicide List — There is never a complete list of anything but here is an attempt to list pecan fungicides

Pecan Germination with Hot Water — This works!!

Pecan Insecticide List — Pecan chemicals change all the time so be sure to read the label but this is a pretty good list to start with

Pecan Irrigation — Dr. Kizer presents information on how best to calculate pecan irrigation and then deliver water to trees

Pecan Leaf Elemental Sufficiency Ranges and Fertilizer Recommendations — Technical publication on new pecan nutrition standards.

Pecans: The Challenge of Growing a Good Root System — Dr. Whitcomb does a great job telling us how to grow pecans in containers.

Pecans in China — Great article by China Sign-Post about pecan consumption in China and even some discussion about growing pecans in China

Pecan South Article on Belt — I wrote this article for Pecan South about the new insecticide called Belt

Pecan Tree Evaluation Calculator — Noble Foundation tool to help know orchard productivity

Pecan Trees: Do They Have Tap Root? — Video discussion of pecan tree roots.

Pecan Varieties for Texas — Monte Nesbitt shared this at the State Pecan Growers meeting this summer.

Pecan Varieties-Where Do They Come From? — Ever wonder why we have so many pecan varieties or where do they come from?

Pests of Peaches, Plums and Pecans — Great guide for homeowners

Planting Pecan Trees — Great slide program done by Dr. Larry Stein years ago but the information is just as valid today.

Preliminary Evaluation of Four Pecan Cultivars Selected in South Africa — Great old discussion of pecan cultivars in South Africa

Renovating Native Pecan Bottoms — Paul Lollar shares this information you should consider if taking on the task of renovation

Taking Care of Pecan Trees on Small Acreage — Making it easy for the homeowner or small landowner who wants a few pecan trees

Texas Inlay Bark Grafting — This is a great grafting technique

Traditional versus Organic Pecan Production — An article Dr. Stein and I wrote for Pecan South Magazine

USDA Pecan Grades and Standards — Want to learn where the color and size standards for pecans come from then check out this page.

What is the Best Form of Nitrogen for Pecan Trees — Put together by Dr. Bruce Wood and it makes you think!

Where to Buy Fresh Pecans — Your source of Fresh Texas Pecans and all the Pecan Products you could ever want!!

Zinc for Pecans — Recommendations for zinc applications in pecan orchards