Landscape Trees

Ball Moss in Trees — Most people think ball moss hurts trees but after reading this you will think differently

Best Practices for Growing Container Trees

Compact Tolerant Trees — List of tree species that can stand urban landscapes where soil compaction can be a problem like sidewalks, drives or just paths

Crape Myrtle Variety List — There are many different Crape Myrtles and here are just a few

Girdling Roots: Prevention and Management — Some trees are grown in the nursery in pots and the roots wrap around themselves and can strangle future growth.

Growing Tree Seedlings — Dr. Whitcomb tells you his latest methods.

Growing Trees in Containers — Strategies for growing high quality roots, trunk and crown in nursery grown trees.

Hypoxylon Canker in Trees — Hypoxylon canker is a devastating disease brought on by stress in many oak species as well as a few others grown in our area.

Know Your Hill Country Oaks — Pictures of oak leaves to identify your oak trees with.

Mealy Oak Gall on Ornamental Live Oak in Texas — This is not printed anymore and is an excellent publication on a common problem in trees.

Oak Wilt in Texas — Dr. Appel, Plant Pathologist slide set on Oak Wilt

Protecting Landscape Plants — Sometimes you have to cover tree roots but how? This publication shows you how.

Pruning Paint Sprayer — If you cut an oak limb you need to put pruning paint on the cut and this pole sprayer idea is great.

Water Movement in Trees — want to know how water gets up a tree that is very tall?

Wood Boring Insects of Trees and Shrubs — Everyone sees the damage but is it a problem you can treat?