International Development

10 Steps to SALT — Sloping Agricultural Land Technology - this is the ten steps outlined and ready to use

Ag Conservation Training for AGRA — A description of the training conducted at Ukulima Farm in South Africa

Agriculture and Rural Development: Lessons for Christian Groups Combating Persistent Poverty — Excellent discussion by Ag Economists at Cornell

Agriculture Development in Haiti — Work by Arkansas Baptists to help both Agricultural and Spiritual development in Haiti

Assessing the Quality of Aid for Agriculture — Aid for agriculture represents just 5% of total development aid. This paper discusses making effective decisions about use of that aid.

Borlaug Nobel Peace Prize Speech — Norman Borlaug gave the speech when accepting the award. I got this from the Peace Prize website. Great!

Cassava for Hog Production — Some information on using Cassava as an energy feed for hog production

Enhancing Agriculture Innovation — To change agriculture in the world we need new innovations

FAITH Gardening Manual — Food Always in the Home Manual for Development

Fertilizer Management in Honduras

Haiti Intensive Rice Production — World Hunger Relief is working to help rice farmers in Haiti with new sustainable methods

Hedgerow Management on Maize Yields in Alley Cropping

How To Make Soft Cheese — Resources shared from friends and the Internet

How To Raise Dairy Goats — A great manual for raising dairy goats especially in development situations

Livestock Services and the Poor — Case studies in livestock production

No Smell Hog Raising — This is used to develop pig projects near or under homes and they dont smell

Overview of World Development Report — This overview is an easy read and excellent discussion of how important agriculture is in developing countries

Promising Tree Species as Hedgerows for Alley Cropping in Different Environments in Haiti — great look at what you can use for SALT in Haiti

SALT 2 Manual — Simple Agro-Livestock Technology - a manual for implementing SALT 2

Saving Seed — I wrote this to Michael in Kenya but it applies to anyone saving seed to plant with..

Saving seed web edition

Silage Making for Small Scale Farmers — US AID information on silage making

Slash and Mulch — Instead of Slash and Burn this is Slash and Mulch like we do in SALT for farmers

Stored Grain IPM — Great information on storing grain even in under developed countries

Urban Harvest — Excellent discussion about agriculture in the Urban poor environment

World Development Report on Agriculture