Bareroot Balled and Burlapped and Container Grown Plants — Great discussion on what plants to buy when buying trees

Chilling Accumulation: Its Importance and Estimation — Peach trees require chilling hours as does most fruit and nut trees

Citrus Species — Discussion of all the citrus species and growth

Cleft Grafting Citrus — Great presentation on an easy grafting method

Coconut Production — Traditional Tree produces these fact sheets

Fruit and Nuts Recommended for this Area — There is never a complete list but this is what I have found to work very well here.

Growing Fruits - Parker County — Presented at the January, 2014 program in Weatherford

Growing Peaches in Parker County — Presentation on varieties, chilling hours, fertility, diseases, weed control and insect control

Inverted T Budding in Citrus — Description of T Budding by Tom LeRoy

Jim Kamas Fruit Presentation — There is few better than Jim Kamas, Extension Fruit Specialist for giving a program on growing fruits in Texas

Peaches and Other Stone Fruits — Great Powerpoint on peaches and other fruits

Pests of Peaches, Plums and Pecans

Plum Curculio1.jpg

plum curculio2.jpg

Plum Curculio 3.jpg

Pomegranate Production — Georgia publication that is really good.

Pomegranate Taste Testing Results — 2010 Uvalde: the ultimate in taste testing of pomegranate even if this is the only one!

Pomegranate Tree List Planted — I was working on propagating cuttings of pomegranates and here is the list so far

Proper Irrigation of Fruits — It takes a lot of water to irrigate fruit trees properly

Pruning Peach Trees — How and the Why for pruning peach trees

Radiance Strawberry — This is a great strawberry that Dr. Russ Wallace, Extension Horticulturist from Lubbock has been growing in High Tunnels.

Texas Grape Spray Guide — New 2012 spray guide and really good!

Way to heal a break1.jpg — Took this picture of someone trying to heal a peach limb break. Unfortunately it wont work!