Corn Silage for Dairy Cows — University of Florida Extension publication on silage feeding

Cropping/Feed Systems for Dairy Cattle — Used to teach dairy production in Iraq

Dairy Nutrition and Management — Used for training in Iraq but good overall information

How To Dairy Goat Manual — Great information for raising dairy goats especially in third world countries

How To Make Soft Cheese — Great for making cheese at home

Improved Forage Production and Utilization in Iraq — Presented as a part of IAER training

Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle — simple but very good publication that is short and sweet!

Organic Dairy Handbook for the Northeast — Good book to help you in the organic dairy industry

SALT 2 How to Raise Dairy Goats — Learn how to develop dairy goat projects in low income areas

What Does Heat Stress Do to Dairy Cows — This is results of surveys done at the Heat Stress Road Show events this Fall, 2011. It shows that Heat Stress on Dairy Cows makes a big impact on dairy cows and dairy profits.