What Kills Pecan Prices for Growers?

Post date: Oct 3, 2012 9:35:24 PM

Most growers that get low prices want to blame somebody and there are two "somebodies" that come to mind - Stink bugs and Pecan Weevil! Any pecan buyer is going to be looking closely for either insect problem when they buy your pecan crop and by the time you have your pecans at the buyer, you are too late. Of course stink bugs cause the dark brown to black spots on the pecan kernel and those spots taste terrible. Nobody wants to buy a pecan with stink bug damage and if the kernel is in a pecan show sample, there is no choice but to grade it way down. Pecan weevil larvae eat the inside of a pecan nut which is not so bad if you are shelling them because that can be eliminated. The problem becomes selling the nuts inshell - nobody wants to buy them knowing they have pecan weevil. So, if prices are lower this year we may have lots of somebodies to blame but make sure you don't have to blame these two somebodies!