Vegetable Production at Casa Hogar

Post date: Sep 20, 2011 10:01:27 PM

The Casa Hogar Children’s Home is located across the Texas/Mexico border near Matamoras, Mexico. Casa Hogar is a Christian Home that was started by Baptist Churches and continues to exist primarily through Baptist Churches. It has been in existence for many years and has grown from just a few children in 1967 to 203 children in 2011. Casa Hogar is a self contained facility with communal living houses with 10 children each, cafeteria, worship center, farm land, recreation areas, etc. See the website for more information. Casa Hogar seeks to be self sufficient where it can and has utilized the farming and livestock areas to supplement food purchases. They have land to develop vegetable production but no expertise or supplies to begin. Agricultural Development Foundation granted $1000 to begin a large vegetable production area with the hopes that this area would grow into something that produces for the children and even provides income through sales. On August 23-25, 2011, 5 Main Street Church members from Georgetown, TX including me and my wife went to Casa Hogar to start the project by installing a drip irrigation system and plant the beginning vegetables. I am the project coordinator for this and worked with the others from Main Street Baptist to put in the system. A rural water system provides cheap and plentiful water to the home and can be utilized for the drip irrigation. If you want to see more picture of the work at Casa Hogar be sure to go my Picture Page Link located on the left side or click here Casa Hogar I will provide updates as we do more work.