2011 Tomato Trial

Post date: Aug 1, 2011 1:04:29 AM

John Selking of Two Happy Children Farm of Taylor is one of my clients and a favorite for his willingness to try new things and to experiment. John and Yen hosted the 2011 Tomato Trial for me and Dr. Larry Stein, Extension Horticulturist out of Uvalde. Here are the results of this years test (2011 Tomato Trial) and I think you will find them interesting. The picture to the left is of BHN 602 planted May 1 under drip irrigation and white plastic mulch. They are doing great as you can see even in consistent 100 degree temperatures. Thanks to John for doing this test for us so we can continue to get good results to share with clients and to use on his own farm testing. He has already volunteered to do it again. What a glutton for punishment!