Texas Pecan Board

Post date: Nov 14, 2010 2:35:49 PM

I am extremely pleased to announce that the Texas Pecan Board has contracted with Whitney Consulting Group for services in promotion and marketing of Texas Pecans and the Texas Pecan Board website. Specifically we will be:

1. Promoting the use of Texas Pecans and the www.TexasPecans.org website to growers, Extension, marketers, retailers and consumers.

2. Facilitating entry into the Pecan Recipe contest and help promote the contest to groups and individuals.

3. Checking the website for accuracy and facilitating changes. Check and verify links to sites and add links to sites that promote pecans or pecan education.

4. Develop information about growers and processors that stimulate interest in Texas pecan grower families, pecan product development and pecan retailing in the world to be used on the website.

5. Respond to questions and inquiries generated by www.TexasPecans.org through email or phone.

6. Be available to Texas Pecan Board President and members for consultation on pecan promotion, marketing and market development.

Click on the following link Texas Pecans and go to the Texas Pecan Board website for more information.