Texas Peanut Producers Board

Post date: May 8, 2011 10:22:49 PM

Recently the Texas Peanut Producers Board hired me to work with them to evaluate the research and education activities they support. The Board is funded by checkoff dollars from every ton of peanuts sold and because it is producer dollars they need to ensure that they get maximum return. The Board is looking to the future and trying to chart a course that sees peanut producers realizing increasing yields, lower costs and less inputs. In particular they have three goals: 1. increasing yields and market acceptability through peanut breeding; 2. peanut disease management through new technologies and grower integrated pest management; and

3. improving cultural practices and food safety through sound agronomic principles and practices.

My job is to work with researchers, extension educators and allied industry to see what they are doing now and plan for the future, how that benefits peanut producers and if it justifies the cost. So over the next few months I will be visiting lots of folks asking questions about peanuts, a crop I have enjoyed being around for over 25 years.