Sugarcane Aphid

Post date: Aug 16, 2015 12:01:16 AM

I mentioned the Sugarcane Aphid in a newsletter last year and the insect did not go away over the winter. This aphid is unique in that it has moved from sugarcane in the Rio Grande Valley up into the northern parts of Texas to sorghum. I am getting weekly reports about the aphid movement and so far the rains and cool temperatures have kept them in low numbers but they are around. At this point they did overwinter as far north as Hillsboro on Johnsonsgrass, something not expected. Our challenge will be to keep scouting and treat any sorghum plants when aphid populations are low. If you read the chart above you can see that treatments need to be made when insect numbers are between 50 and 125 per leaf. This insect can blow through those numbers in a week so scouting is important.

There are two insecticides for this insect that have shown to work well and keep populations low for weeks. Transform and Sivanto both need to be sprayed when populations are low. The threshold is 50-125 aphids per leaf.