Pastora Herbicide Update

Post date: Nov 13, 2010 10:03:42 PM

I want to start off by thanking Judge Dan Gattis and State Representative Dan Gattis for letting me put in this research plot on their farm out on Hwy. 29 about 7 miles west of Georgetown. It is a great location full of KR Bluestem that has smothered out a coastal bermudagrass hayfield.

This picture was taken on November 4th when I was doing the six week treatment, known as the second treatment for the fall application. This strip shows what happens to King Ranch Bluestem when you apply two treatments, six weeks apart, of Pastora Herbicide. The first treatment was applied on July 29 and the second six weeks later. The rates applied on July 29 were either 1.5 ounces per acre or 1.0 ounces per acre and the second treatment was applied at 1.0 ounces per acre. Dr. Larry Redmon and I evaluated the plots on November 4th and we saw no difference in either rate, they both were effective!Pastora is priced somewhere between $15 and $18 per ounce so a two ounce treatment is expensive BUT considering that in many cases KR Bluestem has taken over a pasture or hay field the alternative for removal is much more expensive. Also we dont know what may happen if you use Pastora as a weed control chemical year after year if one application each year might have the same effect but only slower.

Let me add in bold, Pastora Herbicide from Dupont does not have a label for control of King Ranch Bluestem in Bermudagrass pastures or hayfields. The label is for several weeds including grassburs and johnsongrass but right now not for KR Bluestem.