Mistletoe in Pecans?

Post date: May 30, 2012 6:11:43 PM

Bird Lime parasite on pecan trees.

I love the fact that I live in a pecan orchard here in South Africa. I have big picture window that looks out over the orchard and so every morning I can drink coffee and watch trees. I especially like to hear the irrigation system going knowing that the trees are going to get bigger and the pecans better because they are getting a drink. I was doing this looking at the trees, drinking coffee, when I noticed something unusual growing in the top of one of the trees. I had to walk out and look up to see it and I thought it was another tree growing up into the center. Of course it wasn't another tree but I sure didn't recognize it.

Looking through the orchard I did find more and I finally decided it was a type of mistletoe I had never seen. I have a copy of the South African Pecan Handbook and it is such a problem that it is listed as one of those bad things to watch out for. It is one of the Tapinanthus species and infects the limbs just like our Texas mistletoe. To get rid of it I have to cut out the limb and in some cases those are big limbs.

So my orchard has a problem but still nothing is better than watching pecan trees grow except maybe eating a pecan pie!