Lots of International Travel

Post date: Apr 24, 2011 4:23:43 AM

I have been asked lately, "where have you been?" I haven't written much or sent out a newsletter in a long time. Well it is because I have been traveling working on projects.

I started in March with a nearly 3 weeks of work and travel in Iraq for the IAER project. We were working on a Monitoring and Evaluation program to determine how Iraqi Extension Agents were able to incorporate training into their jobs and lives. Quite amazing the changes the IAER project has made to Extension.

When I returned from Iraq I only had a couple of days at home before I left again to make a two week trip to Honduras. We have had a lot of changes there and so I was following up on those changes and doing a lot of teaching. I visiting all the villages we have projects in and did a 3 hour seminar in each and also did a day long course in dairy goat raising. Lots of fun but tiring.

After Honduras I spent 6 days in Texas working on my garden while catching up on a few projects I have in Texas and helping my clients. They have been severely neglected! I have two new projects, working with the Texas Peanut Producers Board and for Bayer Crop Science on some pecan orchard chemicals.

Today I am in India working with Asian Rural Life Development Foundation - India to develop a couple of agriculture training centers in Eastern India. We hope to establish some forage and livestock centers to teach livestock raising.

I will be back in Texas the first week of May and I think I will stay put, at least for a few weeks anyway.

Oh, I just found out my son Marshall has asked the most wonderful person to be his wife! Welcome to the family Becca. Cant wait to get back and congratulate both....