How Much to Water?

Post date: Sep 17, 2010 2:44:36 AM

I am asked over and over how much do I need to water my lawn. Extension has developed recommendations that in general say you should water 1 inch per week. These are general because of differences in soil, plant, rooting depth and even shade. We have a weather station here at our Extension office that is programmed to help landscapers and homeowners know how much water they need. The information is available on and is fantastic. I have signed up for a weekly notification on the website so that it sends me an email and tells me how much to water for every week. I get the email on Friday and can water through the weekend to replace what was lost during the week to evapotranspiration. Evapotranspiration is the water lost from the soil surface and the plant together. I have told the program that I have bermudagrass for sod and I want normal growth. Here are the recommendations.

Date Evapotranspiration

07/09 0.15

07/10 0.18

07/11 0.26

07/12 0.24

07/13 0.26

07/14 0.29

07/15 0.28

7 day watering recommendation for Bob Whitney: 0.60 inches (assuming no rainfall)*

Plant Coefficient: Warm Season Turfgrass

Adjustment Factor: Normal