Here are some tips for selecting the best pecans for show:

Post date: Nov 13, 2010 10:43:17 PM

Make selections from young trees because they usually produce heavier and bigger nuts than older trees. Pick nuts from trees with a light pecan crop to ensure an above average kernel percentage. Harvest immediately following nut crop so that kernels will preserve a light color. Sunlight darkens kernel color. Do not alter nut appearance by polishing or rubbing. Select nuts that are uniform in size because this is a judging criterion. Keep your samples refrigerated until the pecan show. Be sure your sample includes only nuts of one variety. Submit a minimum of 42 nuts. You wouldn't believe how many samples are thrown out for too few pecans to judge. It takes 40 for the county, 30 for regional and state when you crack 10 for display. We use the extra two locally just in case an entry has a cracked nut or a bad spot to send the best samples on to regional.