Cotton Regrowth Problems

Post date: Sep 29, 2010 9:33:45 PM

All the rain this fall has given cotton growers fits. Cotton harvest may be about over but still these cotton fields are almost solid green as cotton continues to grow even when treated with traditional chemicals. 2,4D and others are knocking off leaves but still the cotton is in a growth mode and wont quit.

Many producers are aware of or have used BASF's product called Sharpen to eliminate weeds in many field crops but it does have a label for controlling weeds in fallow fields and producers in the Coastal Bend area are using it on their fallow cotton fields for weeds and of course cotton regrowth. The real question is how much to use. 1 oz/acre has about 10-14 days, 2 oz/acres about 20-30 days and 3 oz/acre maybe 40-60 days or till frost. Some work is being done on rates but the idea is spend as much as you can afford because the cotton still keeps coming! The Technical Bulletin attached may help.