Cold Tolerant Citrus

Post date: Nov 14, 2010 2:56:44 PM

I have written before about Satsuma Miho as a possible cold tolerant citrus for South Central Texas and it will work!! Now Dr. Stein and Dr. Parsons have continued looking at cold tolerance in citrus and may have four new crosses that will work even better.

  • One is called 47 and is a cross with Changsha and Satsuma and this plant is more upright with a dark green foliage. Greenleaf Nursery will probably market this variety but I dont have a name yet. This one has less thorns!
  • Another one is a similar cross, Changsa and Satsuma, called 79. It has bright orange Tangelo type fruit, upright tree. Has long thorns but if the fruit is good who cares!!
  • 49 is also a Changsa X Satsuma cross but the tree is not as green and has spreading foliage. The fruit though is really sweet.
  • 58 is the last cross and is a Changsa X Lemon type. This tree will give you lemons for juice will being more cold tolerant than a Meyers.

You notice that a Changsa is used in all crosses. It has the most cold tolerance but the fruit is small and seedy. Crossing takes that out while preserving most of the cold tolerance.

Dr. Chris Sansone, Associate Department Head and Extension Entomologist, read my article and reminded me that if you plant citrus you need to consider Citrus Greening Disease when you decide to plant any citrus trees. The Asian Citrus Psyllid carries the disease and you can read about it here.. Citrus Greening Disease