Agriculture Projects

We have had the opportunity to develop projects all over the world. This work has given us the privilege to be involved in just about every aspect of agriculture. From the 5,000 cow, Central Texas dairy to controlling soil erosion in third world countries, we have had a chance to learn how agriculture systems work together.

We have been fortunate to work with some extremely talented agriculture producers and mentors to introduce innovative ideas and processes. Seedless watermelons, drip irrigation, pecan orchard management, fruit crop development, dairy nutrient management, environmental issues confronting agriculture, producer tours, field days, research projects and more have helped develop the expertise needed for most projects.

Working in so many different aspects of agriculture we have developed a “big picture” approach that integrates all the various components that can influence production including livestock, soils, fertility, irrigation, variety selection, pests, harvest and storage. Livestock production, fields crops, commercial horticulture, and more, require an integrated approach that gets to root causes and adjusts systems accordingly to produce results.