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"Investigating the Science of Agriculture, Innovating the Art of Agriculture" ©

At Whitney Consulting Group we share a belief that God created something better, that the potential for better is there, and that we can find the better. It is not hidden so far from us that we can’t discover it, no it is there waiting to be explored, wanting to be found and put to use for all our good. Most of the time it is just under the surface and other times it is a little deeper, but still there, and this better makes a difference.

We want to help you discover the better and we can! We have an inquisitive nature, some good knowledge and experience, and a few tools that help, but mostly we desire "the better" to happen.

Our hope is to partner with you to find the better for both of us - together. We both want the better and together we can make the better - BEST.

Whitney Consulting Group is committed to helping people with projects related to agriculture, with a particular emphasis on developing agriculture systems. We have been involved in projects all over the world, from agriculture projects in the Southwest U.S. to conflict areas like Iraq.

From setting up training sites in rural areas of Honduras to developing integrated pest management systems for pecan farmers in Texas.

At Whitney Consulting Group we are dedicated to helping the world's poor living in rural areas better themselves through agriculture, community development and youth training. We have combined experience of 29 years providing training, developing projects and overseeing programs in over 12 countries. We have worked with major US universities, government agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGO's) in projects to help alleviate hunger and poverty and improve agriculture and wealth creation for producers.

From researching new and innovative crop protection materials, to developing a new farm rotation program, to providing Zoom education, we are investigating the science of agriculture while innovating the art of agriculture!

We hope to bring our experiences developing agriculture projects to our clients all over the world so that they don't struggle doing what they enjoy - agriculture!

If you have questions, opinions or suggestions feel free to contact us anytime. Our contact information is located in the menu above, just click on it.

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